Simply Extend are London’s premier kitchen, house and side return extension specialist. We specialise in a wide variety of bespoke home improvement projects; designed to expand your space and breathe new life into your home, inside and out. don home or kitchen extension, you could make more room for a growing family or add value to your property listing. Our designs are drawn up with your specific needs in mind and our qualified, experienced builders can bring them to life in a matter of weeks.


Has your family recently grown? Do you need a new home office? Or do you just need more space? A side extension could utilise ground level space that is currently underused or wasted, particularly in a side garden return, therefore opening up your home and accommodating your needs. Increase space has extensive experience and specialises in extending properties into side returns, we design and build using a variety of roof lights and windows that create light and open extensions that really improve the aesthetics of your home and provide a fantastic living or working space – we take pride in maximising the use of space and day light. As with any extension, increasing the ground level space of your property will only increase the value of your home – it’s clear that an extension makes a lot of sense, as well as saving you the time and stress involved with moving.

Ethos will help you rennovate your house

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